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KoboTalk is a telecommunications solution company made up of experts cut across various technology and managerial fields. KoboTalk is a premier pay as you go IP PBX hosting platform in Nigeria. With over 10 years combined experience, our team of Voice design analysts is on the fore-front of Voice over Internet Protocol designs in Nigeria. With our dialing technologies in contact centres, we aim to modernize the contact/call centre era with an affordable platform while maintaining high call quality. Whether outbound or inbound, contact centres have helped change the face of marketing and advertisements and we hope to partner with you in this emerging economy by providing fast network access on a per agent or per seat basis.

Clients’ Words
What They've Said

Our productivity at Vehicle Inspection Center at Mabushi (Nigeria Road Safety) has greatly been effective and effected possibly with the Help of simple contact center solution which enable public to report, consult and make an enquiry. Thanks to KoboTalk!

g Mr. John Onyebuchi ICT Dept. (Road Safety Corp)